WASH for life is unique!
Other than with most consulting firms, all our experts are WASH-specialists and have extensive experience in planning, delivering, monitoring and evaluting WASH programs. WASH to us is more than a field of expertise, it is our passion! We understand the vastness and complexity of the WASH domain and all its aspects.
Below we present our principal consultants and representatives from the different regions.
Marco Visser
Founder, Owner and Principal Consultant
WASH for life 
+31 655 925 100 (also Whatsapp)
My name is Marco Visser, I am the founder and owner of WASH for life. I hold a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Land, Water & Environmental Management and have more than twenty years of international experience in planning, design, delivery, monitoring and evaluating WASH programs. 
I have worked in the public, the private and the INGO-sector as assessor, evaluator, (cluster) coordinator, business developer, consultant, advisor, trainer, coach, and project, contract and general manager. I am proficient in basically all WASH aspects - technical, institutional, financial, social and environmental - and speciality-areas.
I have worked in a vast variety of contexts and settings: 
In the Humanitarian Sector: from the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide to the Asian Tsunami and from the 2nd Gulf war to the current Syrian crisis. In the Development Sector: from a comprehensive feasibility study on rain water harvesting in the Marshall Islands to the construction of irigation dams in Zimbabwe and from improving soil and water conservation to buidling resilient communities in Solomon Islands. I have also worked several years for the Netherlands' largest District Water & Sanitation Authority on multi-million Euro Civil and Sanitary Engineering projects, such as dyke reinforcements and the (re-)construction of communal sewage grids and treatment plants. I managed (client's) project teams, consulting agencies and building contractors and was responsible for tendering, bid evaluation and contract and risk management. 
Raina Zantout
Principal Consultant Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region
My name is Raina Zantout and I am a Development Practitioner holding a Master of Sustainable Development Practice with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Both degrees focused on applied humanitarian aid and development theories, leading to my work with international and local NGOs in program implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E).
I am based in Jordan where my work is primarily geared towards the Syrian crisis response in the region. Other than WASH, I have experience working in the fields of Health, Gender, Cash Assistance, Protection and Shelter/Camp Management. Other examples of my work include a study on the health risks for farmers of the use of treated wastewater for irrigation in Tunisia and the facilitation of community-based, participatory planning and design sessions in rural Nepal.
I offer talents in assessments (Needs; Vulnerability; Baseline), mixed-method M&E tool design, participatory planning, qualitative and quantitative analysis, accountability, evaluation, learning workshops, and program management. Highly motivated and efficient, my strongest skills and services are:
  • Designing, coding and facilitating assessments with data management best practices;
  • Evaluating (and monitoring) projects and programs, usually according to OECD criteria;
  • Technical writing, statistical analysis, and donor reports;
  • Leading in beneficiary accountability and communication during all project phases;
  • Applying WASH best practices alongside a detail-oriented view; and
  • Immersing myself in different contexts and cultures, adapting with my knowledge of English, French, Haitian Creole, and Levantine Arabic.
Your name here?
WASH for life is seeking
Regional Representatives for:
- Sub-Saharan Africa
- Asia-Pacific
- South America
Do you have a relevant diploma, significant WASH experience and preferably a relevant regional network? Are you ambitious, entrepreneurial and highly motivated?
If so, you are encouraged to submit your motivation and CV to visser[at]washforlife.nl.